6 Part Therma Zone Insualtion System


The 6 Part Therma Zone Insulation System encapsulates the perimeter of the spa creating the ability to utilize the excess heat created by the pump(s) in the spa cavity. This dramatically lowers the spa energy consumption and allows you to enjoy the benefits of hot water and hydrotherapy while saving both money and the environment.

1) Color Co-ordinated Insulating Cover - Made for Canadian Winters

This heavy-duty safety hardcover contains an insulated baffle in the fold area, locking the heat in and the cold out.

2) Inner Thermal Barrier Insulation

Traps and re-utilizes the waste heat off the Shell and the pipes

3) Outer Thermal Barrier Insulation

Traps and re-utilizes the waster heat the the motor creates

4) Foil Radiant Barrier

Uses aluminum foil technology to reflect heat back into the hot tub, as well as black backing and pipes designed to maximize heat absorption. This very same technology is used by NASA to protect its astronauts from the -270 degree cold of outer space.

5)Bottom Thermal Barrier Insualtion

This layer protects the hot tub from any heat loss from the base area.

6) Vents to retain or exhaust excess heat

Each pump creates 1.5 kW of waste heat and our foil radiant barrier reflects that heat back into our hot tub cavity.
Thermal vents maximize energy efficiency for any season and any climate.